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Assistant Manager Job Vacancy In Ohio, USA

Description of the Company

We are glad you came to Little Giants Pizza, Inc Doing business as Domino’s! Locally owned and operated stores in the Greater Fremont, OH area. Our franchisees began as drivers in 1983, which is why 90% of them are still driving today! In the past 25 years, our franchise has been in the top 2% for all Domino’s franchises. This includes 6 of the last 7. Join a team with multiple franchises and World records You could even be part of the next one!

Our team is first That’s why pizza delivery drivers are paid $0.58 per mile by the IRS. So what are you waiting for? Join our team for a fun, income, and world records!

Description of the Job

We are seeking future managers! Are you interested in managing your future?

You were made to be the boss. We all know. When you get up, you ensure that everyone in the house is doing their job. You then go to work and make sure everyone is doing their job, even your boss. It’s what you do because it’s what you’ve done all your life. Maybe it’s high time you got promoted. Do you want to be the boss? Now is your chance to be the boss. Domino’s is looking for bosses You will be a store manager or, as we prefer to call it, an Assistant Manager. Assume the second-in-command of a million-dollar business. You can become THE boss. This is a difficult job that requires a natural person like you. Of course, you’ll need some skills – Leadership, judgment, math, and multitasking skills.

The company you’ll work for is one that values your contributions. Fun and flexible. It’s also a valuable work experience that you will be able to draw on for many years to come. Now that you’ve ordered pizza, let us help you be the best pizza delivery company. Show us your skills boss! Apply now

This is called an Hourly, full-time position with overtime. Supervise all aspects of the shop. Have you ever managed people? We can help you lead. Haven’t made pizzas before? We’ll show you how to make a great pizza. You might be asked to assist at other locations close to your choice.

This job is available for 5+ days per semaine, most weekends.

Everything that happens in your store is your responsibility. You are responsible for everything that happens in your store, regardless of whether People, Operations, Sales or Profits. This includes making sure your team is safe, trained, and has a positive culture. Your team will follow your example if you lead by example. Your crew should follow all policies and procedures at all times.

We will text you when we receive your application! We won’t answer calls from strangers, so we will text you to get started.


  • Great positive attitude
  • High Energy
  • Experience in Domino’s OR experience with managing people
  • Age 18+
  • Excellent driving record
  • Excel, Word and PowerPoint skills required
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Background checks are a good idea
  • You are eligible to work in the USA
  • Currently located near the store

Additional Information

We will respect your privacy and data according to EEOC guidelines.


Many of our team members started their careers as delivery drivers. Today, they are successful Domino’s franchisees. Our stores provide a wide range of opportunities, from assistant manager to general manager, general manager to franchisee, or manager of corporate operations.


Our goal is to value, recognize, and use the unique talents and contributions of everyone. We want to create an environment that allows all members of our team, regardless of their differences, to reach their full potential.

Our team takes pride in their work and Domino’s Pizza is proud of them! To be the best pizza delivery company anywhere in the world, you need exceptional team members to work together. At Domino’s Pizza, our people come first!

Post Title: Assistant Manager Job Vacancy In Ohio, USA
Posted Date: February 13, 2023
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