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Commandant Job Vacancy In Hargrave Military Academy

Position: Commandant/Dean of Students

Reports to President, Hargrave Military Academy

Responsibilities include but are not limited:

  • All matters relating to student well-being at Hargrave are under the control of the Commandant.
  • All military activities, including parades, formations, and exercises.
  • Responsible for dressing, appearance, decorum, performance, and maintenance of the Cadet Corps
  • To provide safe and healthy living conditions, you will need to supervise and monitor the teacher and counselors (TACS).
  • Respect the Cadet Planner’s standards.
  • Coordinate and plan a residential program to develop cadets in each of the four pillars.
  • Maintain student discipline by following through with all correspondence and records relating to discipline or Academy Boards.
  • Assimilate all new cadets into residential living by coordinating cadet orientation.
  • To create, implement, and maintain the Cadet Officer/NCO Training Program.
  • Schedule parent/teacher conferences, keep records, and communicate with parents about residential and discipline issues.
  • To supervise, develop and oversee the Academy’s Residential Life Program.
  • Coordinate student activities and the Director of Student Activities.
  • As needed, counsel students, working closely alongside the Academy’s counselors, faculty, and staff.
  • Coordinate and schedule special programs and gatherings during Assembly
  • For logistical and transportation support, coordinate with Transportation Operations and Quartermaster.
  • Keep the President informed about cadet issues, and other pertinent matters related to school life.
  • To nominate nominees for the Awards Committee to award all military awards.
  • Other duties may be assigned by the President
  • Support the school and its leaders

Benefits highlighted

  • Insurance for medical expenses
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • 401(k)

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Posted Date: January 6, 2023
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