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Job Vacancy In Texas: Delivery Driver- EARN UP TO $25 PER HOUR!!!

Get out there and make hungry people happy by becoming a Pizza Hut(r) delivery driver. We’ll pay you to drive around in your car, listening to your tunes, and delivering delicious pizza and pasta. What more could you ask for? You can have independence, great music, and delicious food. With tips! Sound good?

Here are the essentials you will need to do this job.

Job skills/requirements:

  • Clean driving record: This job is not for those who are already friends with traffic court personnel. Safety is our top priority. A valid driver’s licence, insurance, and a reliable vehicle are also required.
  • A friendly demeanor is important: Tell a joke, smile and treat customers as you would family members or friends. It’s like this: A smile and a kind word could make the difference between a full wallet and extra change in your cup holder.
  • A keen sense of direction is essential: You must be able to read maps and navigate your delivery area. You’ll be amazed at the shortcuts you’ll discover!
  • Age restrictions: Delivery drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You don’t have to dress up: We will provide you with a uniform. It is important that you maintain it clean so that it can be worn to work.
  • A few other things: Basic math skills are required, as well as the desire to be part of a team and a passion for learning.

Additional Information

This is only a summary. After you submit your application, you’ll learn more.

Post Title: Job Vacancy In Texas: Delivery Driver- EARN UP TO $25 PER HOUR!!!
Posted Date: February 6, 2023
Author: Jobs in USA
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