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Job Description and Duties For the exact duties required for each job, please see attached duty statement. Your application will be considered for both positions you are applying for. The primary duties of an office technician include the typing of reports, memos, letters and rosters. You must be able to perform repetitive tasks and can spend long periods of time using a typewriter or keyboard. Processing incoming and outgoing mail up to 5 pounds. This includes photocopying and date stamping. Files can be prepared by entering information into a database program, collecting information, and then placing it in file folders that weigh up to 2 pounds. Maintain, unload, and ordered supplies. Assist with statistical and other recordkeeping tasks. Receives screens and directs visitors and telephone calls to the appropriate places. Excellent oral communication skills. Assist parolees and other public contacts as a receptionist. Log information from different database programs. You must be able to sit for up to 80% of the workday. You may be required to stand occasionally during the work day. Walking occasionally during work shifts is possible. You could walk up to 50 yards at a stretch. Sometimes, you may need to carry up to 10 lbs. Occasional reaching above and below the shoulder height. Handling a computer keyboard is a constant requirement. You must be able to instruct or supervise inmates.

The Public Health Orders (Guidance on the Use of Face Closures) issued by the California Department of Public Health, and the directive Mandatory CoVID-19 Vaccines & Testing for Institution Staff issued in December by the Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, require that all correctional staff not vaccinated or partially vaccinated and who have not provided a record of complete vaccination undergo COVID testing twice weekly with at least 72-hour intervals between each test. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), requirements and the directive (Required COVID-19 facial covers for all facility and institutional staff) must all be followed.

Additional information on the job can be found in the Duty Statement .

Working Conditions

This is a Correctional Institution that is open 7 days a week. All positions will be centered in the office.

Minimum Requirements The Class Specification will contain the Minimum Requirements.


Additional Documents

  • Checklist for Job Application Packages
  • Duty Statement

Position Details

#Job Code:


Position #(s)


Working title:

Chief Deputy Warden/In-Service Training



$3,369.00 to $4,217.00

# of Positions


Place of work:

San Bernardino County

Type of job:

Permanent, Full-Time

Work shift:


Week at Work

Mon – Fri

Department Information


Through education, treatment, and active participation in restorative and rehabilitative justice programs, we enhance public safety and promote community reintegration.


We provide education, treatment, rehabilitation, and restorative justice programs to help individuals in our care return to their communities drug-free, healthy, employable, and facilitate their successful reintegration.

California Correctional Health Care Services and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), are committed to creating and encouraging a diverse workforce. We value and support cultural diversity. All staff should feel empowered. CDCR/CCHCS is proud to promote inclusion and representation at all levels within both Departments.CIW was California’s only prison for female felons until 1987. The original name was “Frontera”, a feminine derivative from the word frontier. It is a new beginning. Its campus-like appearance was consistent with 1950’s progressive idea of rehabilitation.

California Institution for Women’s primary mission is to provide safe and secure conditions for female offenders, primarily of Level I/III. Our responsibility to provide high-quality health care and institution programs specifically tailored to female offenders’ needs further defines this mission. These programs include pre-release and substance-abuse programming, academic and vocational programs, camp training, preforestry and camp training, and an arts program. There are also a variety of self-help groups for inmates and community improvement projects.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation was established in 1885. It is one of the largest and most diverse correctional agencies in the United States. Our mission is to improve public safety by providing safe and secure incarceration for offenders and effective parole supervision. We also implement rehabilitative strategies that allow offenders to successfully reintegrate into our communities.

Specific Requirements

  • The job requires you to be able to type at the minimum speed specified in the Class Specifications link (found in the additional documentation section). Before you can be hired, you must have a valid typing certificate that confirms your ability to type at the required speed. has additional information about acceptable typing tests.

You should not include confidential information in any documents that you submit to a job vacancy. This includes your State application, resume or educational transcripts. These documents should not contain any confidential information, including your Social Security Number (SSN), birthdate and student identification number, driver’s license number (unless necessary), basis of eligibility, examination results LEAP status, marital status, age, and marital status. Upon submission, confidential information such as the Easy ID number, SSN and examination-related information, and driver’s licence number, will be automatically removed.

Before interviewing or confirming your appointment, you will need to verify that you possess the Minimum Qualifications. For verification, your unofficial transcripts/diploma must be included if you meet Minimum Qualifications in education. At the time of appointment, official transcripts may be required. If a candidate is found not to meet the Minimum Qualifications, they will be removed from the eligibility list. This will make them inactive and unqualified for the job. Candidates who are withheld from the eligibility list may appeal to the State Personnel Board.

New CDCR and Division of Juvenile Justice candidates must undergo a background investigation using Live Scan Fingerprinting and Tuberculosis Testing before being appointed. Then, the department will conduct an annual Tuberculosis evaluation. [For job ads at California Health Care Facility, California Medical Facility (CMF), or the Skilled Nursing Facility of Central California Women’s Facility(CCWF)].

The Public Health Order (State and Local Correctional Facilities and Detention Centers Health Care Worker Vaccination Required) issued by California Department of Public Health and Directive (Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines and testing for Institution Staff) issued in December by the Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR) require all employees to this institution to provide evidence of their full vaccination for COVID-19. Employees who are regularly assigned to health care areas or positions within the institution must also show proof of their full vaccination against COVID-19.

Desirable Qualifications

These factors will be used to evaluate each candidate competitively.

Willingness to promote and create an inclusive and equitable workplace that values diversity.

Contact Information

For questions about the job or application process, contact Human Resources.

Contact Human Resources:

Cynthia Quintana(909) 597-1771 ext: the time of the interview, please direct any requests for Reasonable Accommodations directly to the interview scheduler. Any additional questions about Reasonable Accommodations and Equal Employment Opportunity in this position(s), please contact the Department’s EEO Office.Contact EEO:EEO OFFICE(909) 597-1771 ext: Relay Service: 1-800-735-2929 TTY, 1-800-735-2922 Voice. TTY is a Telecommunications Device For the Deaf and can only be reached from phones with a TTY Device.

Additional Information

To apply for this job posting, you must submit complete application packages. Applications can be submitted electronically via your CalCareer account at You can submit a hardcopy application package if you prefer not to apply electronically. Social Security numbers should not be included.

Your education, skills and work experience will determine how you are rated. Only the best candidates will be interviewed.

You must complete all sections of the application. Please do not leave any blanks (including start/end dates and hours worked). Please describe your education, experience and skills in relation to the duties and responsibilities listed in the attached duty statement. Candidates who fail to provide the required information could be disqualified from consideration for this job.

Training and development may be considered.

Additional Information About This Recruitment

  • There may be other methods of appointment, except as stated in the advertisement.
  • This advertisement can be used to fill any vacancies that arise during the validity period of this recruitment.
  • Candidates must be eligible to be hired by the last date set forth in this advertisement.
  • Complete applications will not be accepted.
  • The salary posted is the base salary for the classification. Other ranges of salaries may be included. At the time of appointment, a final salary placement will take place.
  • Certain classifications will require a physical before appointment.
  • The department is not required to contact every candidate who meets the criteria for list eligibility. Candidates are encouraged to search for available vacancies and to apply.
  • Appointments could be subject to Hiring Freeze exemption or clearance of the State Restriction on Appointment, Reemployment List, and Departmental Restriction on Appointment list.
  • As Training and Development, or for a limited time, positions may be made permanent.
  • All applications will be reviewed based on the information you provide. Only those who are most qualified will be interviewed. Please be as detailed as possible when filling out your applications.
  • Unofficial transcripts/diplomas are required for verification if you meet Minimum Qualifications in education. Upon appointment, official transcripts may be required.

Equal Opportunity Employer

California is an equal-opportunity employer. This applies to everyone, regardless of age, ancestry or color. It also gives the right to medical leave and family care.

California has set as its goal to have a drug-free workplace. Because illegal drug use is against the law, rules governing Civil Service and the special trust placed in public servants, applicants for state employment are expected to comply with this objective.

Job postings offer many benefits

  • Vision insurance

Posted Date: January 26, 2023
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