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Pharmacist Job Vacancy in New York USA

Full job description

Pharmacist Job: Customers receive pharmacy consulting services regarding medication use, drug interactions, and preventative healthcare services like immunizations. Responsible for the dispensing, review, and verification of prescription medications in accordance with company policies and regulations.
Assists in the smooth running of the pharmacy. Also assists the pharmacy manager with identifying ways to maximize pharmacy financials, inventory control, and improve customer experience.

Hiring OrganizationWALGREENS
PlaceNew York
Base Salary$135,605 to $153,298 Per Year

Job Responsibilities for Pharmacist Job

  • Customer Experience
  • Engage customers and patients by greeting them, offering assistance and products. Customer issues are resolved quickly and questions answered to ensure a positive customer experience.
  • To create a memorable and enjoyable customer experience, the team models and shares best practices in customer service with each other. This includes interpersonal behaviors (e.g. greeting, eye contact, courtesy etc.). Walgreens service characteristics (e.g. offering help proactively and identifying needs, servicing until satisfied etc. ).
  • By anticipating customer needs, and offering services proactively, builds strong relationships with the most valued customers. By focusing more on healthcare services (e.g. Supports efforts to enhance customer experience by increasing focus on healthcare services (e.g., patient consultation, medication management, drug treatment reviews, and retail, clinical, or wellness service such as immunizations and flu shots and diabetes awareness). This promotes the shift in the role of pharmacy from being transactional to interpersonal.
  • Participates in and helps at community events, as directed by the Store Manager, Healthcare Supervisor or District Manager.
  • Operation
  • Counsels patients, answering their questions about medicine side effects, interactions and contraindications. Also, protects patient information privacy. Refers to medical providers as necessary to ensure that medication is taken correctly and health needs are addressed.
  • Complementary pharmacist duties include compounding, drug therapy reviews and verification. When required by work, reviews and interprets prescriptions.
  • Assures that the pharmacy is operating in compliance with company policies and regulations. Assists the pharmacy manager in establishing processes that facilitate the efficient workflow of the pharmacy. This includes assigning roles, coordination activities and soliciting suggestions from employees. Responsibilities include opening and closing the pharmacy, and shifting shifts.
  • Assists in the compliance with all Good Faith Dispensing policies and state and federal controlled substances laws when filling prescriptions. It is the responsibility of the Product Review/Retail Fill Process Pharmacist to ensure that Good Faith elements are present.
  • Keeps current knowledge about pharmacy systems, such as Intercom Plus, registers automation, StoreNET, and automates them to support customers and pharmacy staff. To improve productivity, proposes and implements improvements to pharmacy systems.
  • Assures that insurance claims are processed accurately to resolve customer problems and avoid rejections. Participates in third-party audit and follows up with both insurance companies and medical providers.
  • Medical providers are contacted to follow-up on prescriptions. This includes refills, dosages, interactions, allergies, and other questions.
  • Provides preventive healthcare services, such as flu shots, immunizations, and diabetes awareness.
  • Assists the pharmacy manager with the analysis of performance data, including customer service and pharmacy financial. Also, implements procedures for inventory protection and asset protection. KPI’s are reviewed with the Pharmacy Manager, Store Manager, or Healthcare Supervisor.
  • Establishes and maintains strong relationships with the local medical community, including nurses and doctors. Participates in community outreach activities to promote pharmacy business and increase growth opportunities.
  • Central Pharmacy Operations partners with Well Experience locations for customer registration and 3rd-party reviews. Virtual product reviews are conducted using company guidelines and procedures. Specific photographs that technicians have taken electronically during F4 will be used to reduce transaction tasks.
  • People & Performance Management
  • Assists Pharmacy Manager in staff training and hiring. Assists Pharmacy Manager with staff performance. Provides constructive feedback and coaching. Also monitors customer service and fosters employee development.
  • Encourages teamwork by setting expectations, monitoring and recognizing progress and fostering a shared vision.
  • Training & Personal development
  • Keeps abreast of pharmacy-related news, publications, and communications to keep current in pharmacy and healthcare. Keeps abreast of the latest developments in retail management and seeks out best practices to improve performance.
  • As required by the Company, obtains all necessary certifications, education credits, and training like People Plus Learning modules.
  • Seeks professional development by monitoring one’s performance and soliciting constructive feedback.
  • Communications
  • Assists the Store Manager and Pharmacy Manager in communicating pertinent corporate information or strategies to pharmacy staff.

Walgreens, one the largest national drugstore chains, has been included in the Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.’s Retail Pharmacy USA Division. This is the first global pharmacy-led, healthcare and wellness enterprise. Walgreens has more than 10 million customers who interact daily in American communities. They offer the best multichannel access to consumer goods, services, and trustworthy, affordable pharmacy, health, and wellness advice. Walgreens has 8,175 drugstores in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands. is Walgreens’ omnichannel business. Around 400 Walgreens locations offer Healthcare Clinic and other provider retail clinic services.

Our goal as a neighborhood drugstore and retail store is to make happiness and health easier, more accessible, and more affordable. We remain a trusted provider of wellness services, providing convenient access to essential health services such as immunizations. Walgreens offers a unique opportunity for our employees to succeed in their careers within a supportive and welcoming environment. Walgreens offers the opportunity to work in an environment that is supportive and promotes the well-being and wellbeing of customers, employees, and the communities where we live.

Pharmacist Job Basic Qualifications

  • A BS in Pharmacy Degree or Pharmacist Degree from an Accredited Educational Institution.
  • Current pharmacist licensure within the state.
  • Experience in prescription dispensing activities, which demonstrates a solid working knowledge of federal and state controlled substances laws.
  • Within 90 days of hiring, certified immunizer or willing to become one.

Pharmacist Job Preferential Qualifications

  • Minimum of 1 year experience in retail pharmacy, including prescription filling, verification, records, legal compliance, pharmacy operations and pharmacy software and technology systems.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, including disability/veterans.

This information applies only to Colorado, and is in compliance with the Colorado Pay Equity Act. Please review the available benefits and salary available for this position by clicking here: Walgreens will assist applicants from other states with information about the position, in the event that it is required by law or state. 1-866-967-5492 .



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