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Police Officer Job Vacancy In California, USA

The Position NOTE: The City of Glendale has established a mandatory COVID-19 testing policy to ensure that all employees are safe and healthy. All City employees, volunteers, and interns will be required to test for COVID-19 every week unless they can prove that they have received either a single dose or a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine regimen. This policy is currently inactive but could be reinstated depending on the circumstances. In order to be considered for this position, you must submit an application AND complete the “Law Enforcement – Frontline National” exam through the National Testing Network at m by APRIL 10, 2023, and no earlier than one (1) year from the time of application. To share your results with us, please select Glendale. 

This non-sworn entry-level classification is eligible to participate in both pre-academy and actual police training academies. The following are essential functions of the job: Ensures that Department services are delivered with outstanding customer service and the highest ethical standards. Responds to emergency calls, crimes, threats, and altercations, as well as requests for assistance. Information and assistance for the public. Promotes community-based policing, which focuses on collaboration and interaction with the community. Provides first aid for injured people. Interviews, questions, and records statements of witnesses, suspects, and victims. Prepares written reports about incidents and cases. 

You will need to be able to drive safely at high speeds and chase suspects on foot. Directs traffic and issues citations. Investigates accident scenes and accidents. Investigations of juveniles, including reports of child neglect or juvenile delinquency. Refers juveniles to the appropriate authorities. Serves subpoenas and warrants, testifies in courts, marks and stores evidence, and apprehends suspects. Also confers with the City/District Attorney’s Office for information to assist with case preparation. Assumes responsibility to ensure that the duties of this position are carried out in an efficient and safe manner. Other duties related to the position as required by the situation. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Excellent customer service practices. Independent judgments and decisions that are not influenced by a standard procedure or policy. To provide exceptional customer service to all who use Police Department services. Demonstrate and practice ethical behavior. 

Be calm with upset, angry, or scared people. Learn the skills you need from the job training and reach the performance standards for the classification before the end of your probationary period. Establish good working relationships with colleagues and resolve conflicts. Focus on a community-based policing philosophy that encourages interaction with the community and solves problems together. English directions can be read, written and understood. In threatening or violent situations, remain calm and composed. Based on field notes, write clear, precise, and detailed reports. Willingness to: Assume full responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment. As required, work overtime. 

None. Education/Training Graduation from high school or attainment of a GED, HiSet, or CHSPE certificate License(s)/Certification(s) California Class C driver’s license valid. Special Conditions Candidates must have a good moral character and no misdemeanor or felony convictions that involve moral turpitude. At the time of being appointed as a police officer, applicants must be at least 21 years old. You must be authorized to work in the United States according to federal law. TATTOO POLICY – Unless exempted otherwise by the Chief, Glendale Police Department employees and volunteers shall not have visible tattoos, body artwork, or other skin markings while on service – whether in uniform, business attire, or casual dress. 

The authorized on-duty uniform (e.g. Long sleeves, business attire, casual dress, or casual wear is all acceptable. These policy restrictions do not apply to scarring or marks from injuries or other medical procedures. Contact the Professional Standards Bureau at (818 548 3117 for more information about this policy. Use and knowledge of personal computers. Medical/Psychological Standards All applicants must pass a preplacement medical exam and a psychological assessment. Auditory Acceptable according to City standards Residence All employees of the Glendale Police Department must live within 60 miles of the Glendale Civic Center for at least four months after their employment. 

Notification You can substitute the minimum requirements by obtaining an equivalent combination of education, experience, and/or training. Outstanding Customer Service Policy The City of Glendale values quality customer service and is proud of the services provided by all employees. We, as employees of the City of Glendale, are committed to providing courteous, considerate, and personal attention to our diverse community. Click on the link below to view the exceptional customer service policy. Selection Process WRITTEN EXAM You must pass the “Law Enforcement-Frontline National” exam via the National Testing Network. By APRIL 10, 2010, 2023 No earlier than one (1) year from the date of your application. To share your results with us, please select Glendale.

  • Choose “Exams”.
  • Choose “Law Enforcement Jobs”
  • Check “California” for “Glendale Police Officer Recruit”.
  • Select “Continue”.
  • Follow the instructions to learn more about the agency and testing process.

The City of Glendale requires a minimum passing score on the NTN exam. Video Score: 63% Writing Score 70% Reading Score 70%. Scores are automatically sent to the City of Glendale upon completion of the scheduled exam. Candidates who achieve a passing score in the entry-level exam will be added to the City of Glendale’s candidate list. After this bulletin closes, the City of Glendale will reach out to candidates and invite them to continue the selection process. 

EVALUATION OF THE APPLICATION All applications submitted for Police Officer Recruit will be reviewed to make sure they meet the minimum requirements. All qualified applicants will be invited to the selection process. PHYSICAL AGILITY TESTS: (PASS/FAIL). This Physical Agility Test includes a stair climb with equipment and obstacle climb over, under, hurdle jump over, trigger pull, beam walk, and 165-pound drag. 1st Practice (Voluntary), 03/04/2023 2nd practice (Voluntary), 03/18/2023 Physical Agility test 03/25/2023 PRELIMINARY BACKROUND QUESTIONAIRE (PASS/FAIL). To determine if the candidate meets the Glendale Police Department’s background investigation standards. ORAL INTERVIEW (Weight of 100%) To assess the applicant’s education and experience. To be eligible for the list, candidates must pass the exam with a minimum score of 70.00%.

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION: All finalists will undergo a thorough background investigation. This will include a review of their financial history, criminal history, and drug use history, driving record, and verification of application materials. Disqualification may result from significant issues or omissions in any of the areas listed above. Background investigations will include a Livescan fingerprinting and a polygraph. Please contact the Professional Standards Bureau at (818 548 3117 for more information. 

ENTRY-LEVEL EXAMINATION: Veteran’s credit awarded. Attach DD214 proof from the U.S. Armed Forces to your application. The EXAMINATION TIME AND PLACE WILL BE ANNOUNCED. The candidate’s education and work experience will be used to evaluate the candidate. Any examination will evaluate the candidate’s education and experience in relation to the job. The City of Glendale reserves all rights to change the weights and components of the examination. Candidates will be informed of the exact examination components and weights before any examination is administered. A background check will be conducted on the selected candidate, including Livescan fingerprinting. 

Glendale complies with all Federal and State obligations to provide reasonable accommodations for applicants and employees with disabilities. So that reasonable accommodations can be made, the Human Resources Department requests that special needs be reported at least five days before the first part of the test. This bulletin does not contain any implied or express contract. The City of Glendale requires all new employees to provide documentation in order to prove their identity and work authorization. The City of Glendale offers comprehensive benefits, including vacation, sick, and holiday leave, as well as medical, dental, and insurance coverage. Closing Date/Time 3/17/2023 11:00 PM Pacific

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Posted Date: February 20, 2023
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