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Solar Sales Consultant Job Vacancy in Texas, USA

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Solar Sales Consultant Job: Lumio is one the most rapidly growing technology companies in the nation. Lumio is a top-four national solar brand and has a unique approach to customers. Lumio offers top-quality products at affordable prices. However, we are focused on the customer experience and the whole buying process to ensure that our customers remain loyal and happy. Four top regional businesses are brought together. Lumio has an unmatched executive team, led by Greg Butterfield, CEO. Lumio can offer unmatched value to its customers and representatives. Our customers get an industry-leading warranty and the fastest installs. This ensures that our representatives are paid quickly and customers can start saving. Combining DECA and Lumio gives us a small company feels but with big-time support. Representatives have access to a comprehensive support system that allows them to focus on what they excel at and make the most money in the shortest time possible.

The fastest growing industry in America is solar. The US has only 4% of the 35% solar saturation in Europe and Australia. We are slowly catching up. The entire industry is currently experiencing a tremendous growth period. In 2021, it saw one of its greatest increases in history. This ability for families to generate their own power and not rely on others in times of crisis has created a new demand in the industry. This is all happening now. 2022 is already a lot more successful than last year. Lumio’s growth and expansion have made it more enjoyable to help customers than ever.

Lumio provides residential and commercial solar, roofing, and a variety of other energy-efficient home improvements. Lumio’s representatives can easily create a plan that suits each customer’s needs and maximize their commissions.
IN-Home Solar / Home Improvement Sales Professionals in Texas Lumio reps receive some of the highest industry commissions. Rep income in 2021 ranged between $83,000 and $450,000. We are seeing a lot of success this year, which means that many reps will earn between $83,000 and $450,000 per year.

TitleSolar Sales Consultant
Hiring OrganizationLumio
Base Salary$80,000 – $400,000 a year

Responsibilities for Solar Sales Consultant Job

  • Educate customers about solar and how it can save you money
  • Learn from top salespeople and work with them
  • Prospecting for qualified leads (self-generated, or referral appsts) is a more lucrative job.
  • Running pre-existing company leads and updating their records within our CRM
  • Qualified sales appointments are booked directly into the company calendar each month
  • Complete Sales Support, including designs and proposals in real-time
  • SALESFORCE CRM allows you to keep track of everything
  • Support layer for post-sale (collecting customer information)
  • We offer support for those who are unable to be closed after the sale, admin or ops.
  • The easiest way to track and access all 37 states within the industry.
  • Installations are quick and easy – usually within 30 days in most markets
  • Quick and clean commissions
  • Signing all documents and closing deals with customers
  • Manage your accounts
  • Analyze customer savings, and inform them about all federal and/or local credit options available
  • 2 weekly zoom conference calls – approx. 1 hr.

Qualifications for Solar Sales Consultant Job

  • A winning attitude, a desire to do the best and an understanding of what it takes.
  • Teachable/coachable: We have proven systems that work. We are looking for reps that will follow these systems.
  • A person who is able to work 30-50+ hours per week
  • Although it’s difficult to get momentum in this position, I am open to discussing certain situations.
  • We expect reps to work hard when they’re working and we don’t mind if they don’t.
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • High energy and integrity
  • Not required, but it is possible to work weekends and nights if needed
  • Motivated by money or intrinsically.
  • Experience in the solar and roofing industries is a plus.
  • Our best representatives have never sold solar before, but they are adept at following a proven process.
  • For applicants who have no sales experience and are interested in learning the profession, we offer starter positions (75-120k).

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Posted Date: July 22, 2022
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