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Toastique Hiring Back of House (BOH) In Maryland, USA

Toastique is a very important team. They assist in the kitchen, prepping, washing dishes, and juicing. Their biggest responsibility is to ensure juices are made properly, make sure that all prepared items are available for each shift and keep the store clean. This includes but is not limited to utensils and equipment, bathrooms and FOH.


  • Juicing every day according to the juice prep checklist. Food safety:
  • After cleaning dishes, wash them and put them back where they belong.
  • Putting away deliveries using FIFO (First-IN, First-OUT)
  • Time management and organization are key to staying organized.
  • When inventory is low, communicate with shift leaders or managers
  • Check your trash regularly and take it out if it is full.
  • Assist with station preparations when necessary
  • Cleaning FOH regularly, replenishing water, refilling utensils, and assisting at stations
  • Regularly check the restrooms
  • Customers’ accidents cleaned up
  • When to ask for assistance if you have a lot of tasks


  • Positive and energetic attitude
  • Hard-working
  • Player for the team

Post Title: Toastique Hiring Back of House (BOH) In Maryland, USA
Posted Date: January 28, 2023
Author: Jobs in USA
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