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Traveling Executive Chef Job Vacancy in New York USA

Job Summary

Traveling Executive Chef Job: This high-performance traveling chef will support FLIK’s training tables and provide training and support for professional sports teams, including the NFL, NBA/WNBA and MLS/USWNL. This position will be available to provide coverage on-site at the unit level for special events, training camps, staffing shortages and vacation coverage.

TitleTraveling Executive Chef
Hiring OrganizationFlik Hospitality Group
PlaceNew York
Base Salary$82,000 – $107,000 a year

Responsibilities for Traveling Executive Chef Job

  • Create, source, create, and implement menus for all coach and player meals. A focus is on nutritious foods that optimize player performance and health.
  • Assist in the hiring and supervision of culinary staff.
  • Mentor and train all members of the culinary team through continuing education and workshops. This will ensure that the best quality service is provided to the Team.
  • To procure sustainable, seasonal and local ingredients, establish relationships with nutritionally-minded vendors.
  • Prepare and coordinate lunches for business and administration to meet the needs of coach and player meals in the off-season

The Athlete-Centered Approach:

  • Understanding the nutrition requirements and demands of athletes
  • As a multi-disciplinary member of the performance nutrition team, collaborate and offer advice on cooking methods and techniques to cater for the athletes’ nutritional and metabolic needs.
  • Understanding the Performance Dietitian’s requirements regarding individual needs, allergies, body composition and portion sizes, special diets, etc. For the purpose of meal planning execution and menu design

Menu design and execution:

  • Maintain a standard recipe database that is based on performance nutrition principles.
  • Show creativity and variety in menu items that balance simple, sophisticated, and elegant recipes
  • Reduce the use of premade and/or precut ingredients. Instead, source fresh, minimally processed ingredients

Skills and Abilities for Traveling Executive Chef Job:

  • Complete understanding of the specific menu items, including dietary restrictions, food intolerances, ingredients, processing, holding, and serving temperatures and HACCP guidelines
  • Excellent knife skills and knowledge of cooking techniques, including but not restricted to grilling, sauteing and broiling, smoking and barbeque as well as sous vide and baking
  • Microsoft Office Suite and the nutritional database platforms for recipes, costs, pricing, ordering, team communication, record-keeping, documentation and record-keeping
  • HIPAA guidelines require that you are able to confidentially handle information without revealing any of it.

Education & Experience:

  • Minimum of five years experience in the food and beverage industry as an Executive chef or Sous chef
  • Minimum of three (3) years experience in a role of culinary management within an athletic nutrition environment (ex. Professional sports team, collegiate athletic department or Olympic team setting.
  • Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, nutrition or food science.
  • Always demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to your athlete’s culinary habits



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Posted Date: July 13, 2022
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