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Cashier Job Vacancy In Vermont, USA

Scope of Responsibilities 

Work under direct supervision. Follows standard procedures to complete the assigned tasks. 

Summary of the Job 

Responsible for the ringing of each customer’s purchase and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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  • All customer transactions, including checks and cash, can be accurately scanned and rung out using a POS register
  • Customers receive accurate change
  • Close the register at the end of your shift according to the correct procedure
  • To maintain high levels of customer service, you can request additional assistance
  • Assist customers with large purchases if needed (carry the purchases out to their cars).
  • Restock in-store inventory and order in the future
  • Do general housekeeping tasks to keep the area clean and professional.
  • Assist with the general cleanliness of the store, including break rooms, backrooms and toilets. Responsible for maintaining store standards.
  • Register supplies can be replaced as necessary
  • Answer the phone with a friendly greeting and maintain customer service levels if necessary
  • Assist with inventory management, price marking, and merchandising in the checkout area.
  • Follow company policy to react to shoplifters
  • Assist with the implementation of Kinney Standard for Presentation (Merchandising).
  • Assist with the order of replacement products from the supplier
  • Assist with returning out-of-date or excessively stocked merchandise to the right source
  • Properly package and prepare items to be delivered at home or business.
  • Responsible for all regulatory and mandatory training programs
  • Other duties may be assigned

Attendance Requirements

You must be available and on time to work scheduled shifts


  • Prefer 0-1 year experience in a related position

Special Conditions for Employment

  • Drug testing
  • Initial and continuous exclusion and sanction/disciplinary monitoring
  • All additional eligibility requirements that are specific to the position

Post Title: Cashier Job Vacancy In Vermont, USA
Posted Date: February 11, 2023
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