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Full-Time Medical Scribe Job Vacancy In Minnesota, USA

You can become a Certified Medical Scribe Specialist. Clinical Scribes LLC provides training and certification.

Clinical Scribes LLC In 2007, a local emergency doctor founded the organization. He completed his residency at Hennepin County Medical Center and began work at a local ER. He didn’t mind the shifts, but the documentation. He began to recruit college students and train them. Although we have made a lot of progress since then, our goal is still the same: to improve the lives and health of healthcare providers as well as invest in the lives and well-being of our employees.

You will be a scribe and follow the healthcare professionals as they treat patients at a clinic. As a scribe, you will be observing the doctor as they examine patients and document what you hear and see. You will be able to create a detailed history of your patient’s current illness and specific physical exam maneuvers based on what you learn from this interaction. We believe that you can become a better physician by learning more about medicine.

A career as a medical writer is a great way to gain a realistic view of the clinical environment. Writing will improve your resume for physician assistant school or medical school. It will also give you an advantage over your peers as you start your graduate medical education. Clinical Scribes is here to assist you.

Many scribes are seniors or juniors in college or recent graduates who decide to take a gap year before they begin graduate school. We can help you with your application to graduate school, including mock interviews and essay support.


To become a medical scribe you don’t have to be an expert. All you need is a strong work ethic and some basic requirements such as:

  • Reliable and punctual
  • Learn from constructive feedback and accept it
  • Choose a reliable mode of transportation

Clinical Scribes LLC: Why?

Although we are not the largest company, that doesn’t make us a bad choice. Clinical Scribes is different from other medical scribe firms because of its small staff and personalized management style. There are also opportunities for upward mobility.

Apply here if you are interested in a job with us:

Post Title: Full-Time Medical Scribe Job Vacancy In Minnesota, USA
Posted Date: February 3, 2023
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