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Hiring 16 & 17 yr. olds Starting up to $15/hr | McDonald’s Job Vacancy in Wisconsin

Full job description

McDonald’s Job: This job posting is for a position at a restaurant that is owned and operated independently by a franchisee, not McDonald’s USA. The license is granted to the franchisee to use McDonald’s logos or food products when operating the restaurant. This franchisee, however, is an independent company and separate employer from McDonald’s USA. The franchisee, not McDonald’s USA, will be your employer if you are hired to do the job. Only the franchisee has responsibility for all employment matters, including firing, disciplining, supervising, staffing and scheduling employees. McDonald’s USA does not have any control over the employment policies at the restaurant. McDonald’s USA won’t receive a copy of your employment application. It will also not be involved in any employment decisions including whether or not you get an interview or are hired.

TitleCrew Member
Hiring OrganizationMcDonald’s
Base Salary $15 Per Hour

McDonald’s Job Description

McDonald’s and its franchisees care deeply about their employees. We offer them the opportunity to grow and succeed every day. We offer industry-leading education and top-notch training to employees so they can thrive no matter where they go. More than 80% are proud to be employed at McDonald’s. They would also recommend our restaurants. Being a Crew Member at McDonald’s offers more than a paycheck. It’s an opportunity to learn life skills and grow personally. And for anyone willing to take advantage of these opportunities…we’re committed to becoming America’s Best First Job.

Requirements for McDonald’s Job

We believe that you should be free to do what you want. You’re in the right place if you are looking for a part-time job that will support your full-time ambitions. Crew member opportunities are available at any time: breakfast, lunch and late nights, weekends, or anything in between.

A McDonald’s crew job is a great way to grow. It also offers top-notch training and our Archways to Opportunity education programs, which offer English Language classes, upfront college tuition assistance, and high school completion courses. McDonald’s is a great place to go, and you’ll get the benefits that you need.

What does a Crew Team member do?

  • To ensure a positive customer experience, connect with them
  • Help customers place orders for their favorite McDonald’s dishes
  • All McDonald’s World Famous Foods can be prepared
  • To achieve daily goals and have fun, team up with Crew members and Managers.
  • Keep your restaurant looking amazing

You will need a positive attitude, and the ability to learn quickly and excel in a team environment. You’ll learn the rest. We can help you find part-time or full-time job opportunities that fit your schedule. To work as a McDonald’s Crew Member, you must be at least 14 years old.

Additional Information

Although this job posting provides some insight into what it’s like to work at a McDonald’s, it does not contain a complete job description. The job description for a McDonald’s employee does not include all the necessary tasks.

I have read and understood that this job application is for a position at a restaurant owned by an independent franchisee. This franchisee is an independent company and is separate from McDonald’s USA. All information that I submit in this application will only be sent to the independent franchisor, who is responsible for all employment matters at this restaurant. I understand that only the independent franchisee will be able to make decisions regarding employment matters including hiring, firing and disciplining, as well as staffing, scheduling, and supervision. I understand that my information will be sent to the franchisee to process and evaluate my job application. McDonald’s USA won’t receive my application for employment and will not be able to make any decisions about me regarding employment, such as whether or not I get an interview or if I’m hired to work with the franchisee. I am aware that the franchise organization has privacy policies and I must contact them.



Post Title: Hiring 16 & 17 yr. olds Starting up to $15/hr | McDonald’s Job Vacancy in Wisconsin
Posted Date: July 15, 2022
Author: Jobs in USA
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